In‐Circuit Test Fixtures

In-circuit Test Fixture for 3070

We build In‐Circuit Test Fixtures (ICT) for 3070 board testers. For more than 2 decades, our 3070 PCBA test fixtures have been known for quality, creative problem solving, and on-time delivery. Test Head Engineering is a long-standing Keysight Technologies 3070 ICT Solution Partner, dating back to Hewlett-Packard, continuing through the Agilent period, up to today.

We also provide turn-key 3070 ICT solutions - both fixture and programming - through our partnership with In Circuit Test Engineering, Inc.  Our long-standing collaboration with ICT Engineering provides our customers with efficient 3070 fixture and test development.   

Our ICT fixtures offer a full range of technical capabilities - standard vacuum box ICT fixtures, top-access PCB probing, pneumatic fixture actuation, tall-component compatibility, integral hold-down gates, and all sorts of bed of nails probing techniques, including fine-pitch probing using X-probes from QA Technologies