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Custom Test Fixtures since 1999

Founded in 1999 to build fixtures for the HP 3070 board tester, Test Head Engineering has grown to produce test fixtures of all types.

Test Head Engineering designs test fixtures that give our customers reliable and repeatable ways to connect to their devices under test (referred to as DUT or UUT). Our test fixtures are used both in R&D and in production. These custom fixtures facilitate rapid and efficient testing of loaded circuit boards (PCB's or PCBA's) and completed products.

When we say "test fixtures," we mean any type of fixture that our customer needs to have built to test their Unit Under Test - fixtures that hold on to, connect to, manipulate, stimulate, measure, read, etc., etc., etc. We have solved myriad fixturing problems over the last two decades, so we have plenty of tricks "up our sleeve" that help us to quickly and cost-effectively solve production test fixturing challenges.

Custom Fixture Design Process

Our designers work directly with our customer's technical personnel to understand the requirement and to help management develop a quotation. After the quote is accepted, we design a fixture to meet the requirements and present an e-drawing for customer approval. Once the design is agreed, the designers complete the design documentation and submit it to purchasing and production. Our machinists use our in-house CNC machines (mill, driller, lathe, etc.) to quickly produce the mechanical components for the fixture.  Our designers then combine the fab parts and purchased parts with Test Head Engineering's standard parts (such as a Test Head Red cam gate or vacuum box) to complete the fixture.  Our typical custom fixture project build-cycle is from 1-6 weeks after we receive the customer's approval to proceed.

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The things we've done over 20 years are too numerous to list, here are just a few recent ones...
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