Our approach to business is work with our customers on a win-win basis.  We keep our terms simple and un-bureaucratic.  We work with our customers under the following practical conditions which we have distilled over many years:

  • Your purchase order:
    • must reference Test Head Engineering’s quote number,
    • must not take exception to the terms listed in our quote and,
    • must specify the name of the person who has final authority to approve the fixture design.
  • Our delivery commitments are subject to:
    • Our production schedule when the order is actually placed, and
    • Receiving the following from our customer:
      • Complete Project Specifications
      • Final revisions of the UUT Gerber Files and 3D/Solid Drawing Files
      • Sample UUT(s) that can be used to test the fixture
      • All customer-furnished parts
  • E-drawings are provided for our customers’ fixture documentation and support purposes. Test Head Engineering retains the rights to its designs.
  • We provide firm quotes based upon what is requested of us.  The project pricing and delivery will be revised if our customer’s specifications, requirements, or terms change from those listed in our quotation.
  • If the project is canceled, the customer pays for all project work and procurement completed up to the cancellation point.

We definitely understand that every company has their own specific procurement processes and we are willing to work with you to conform with them.   If anything here is not acceptable to your company, please let us know and we will work with you to find a win-win solution.

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