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This test fixture design checklist covers the design elements that need to be considered when we build a custom test fixture for you.  This tool helps the test engineer to organize their thoughts about what capabilities the test fixture must have.  It is then easy develop to a Test Fixture Statement of Work which Test Head Engineering can use to quote your custom test fixture.  
Further Info / Answer examples
Do you need a turn-key tester with a test program, or just a fixture? If turn-key, please provide overview.  
Does the fixture need to be ESD safe? Yes, No  
Does the fixture need to be RoHs compliant? Yes, No  
Does the fixture have specific ergonomic requirements? Yes, No, Specifics  
UUT  Examples  
Part number:     
Access Required:  Top, Bottom, Side(s)  
Component location(s) Top only, Both top and bottom  
When can UUT Gerbers be provided to Test Head Engineering?    
When can UUT Solid Model be provided to Test Head Engineering?    
When can a sample UUT be provided to Test Head Engineering?    
List of Components along with Part Numbers available?  Yes, No, When  
Maximum height of Components: Top side, Bottom side  
Pan Depth Required:  4", 6", 8", Sloped  
Tester Interface:  Virginia Panel, GenRad, etc.  
Interface Components Required: USB, Ethernet, D-sub, AC, etc  
Fixture Wiring    
Who wires fixture?  Test Head, Customer  
Schematic or Wire List to be Supplied: Schematic, Wire List  
Will high voltage and or high current be present?  Will it be probed? Yes, No, Specifics  
PCB Probing    
Minimum probed pad size >0.025", <0.025"  
Minimum center-center of tested points (pads or pins)    
If possible, please attach a listing of what points are probed Incl. Reference Designators for all  
Probe Socket Termination Required:  Wire Wrap, Solder Cup  
How many connectors to be contacted in total?    
Connectors - for each connector, answer the below:     
Reference designator J1, J2, etc.  
Connector contact method:  Probe, Mating Connector  
Pin Count of Connector    
Contact Location Connector pin, Connector leads  
Polarity Check required Yes, No  
Test Points     
How many test Points to be contacted:    
Test point location(s): Component Side or Solder Side Component side, Solder Side  
RF Assembly Testers    
Are any RF points probed?   Yes, No, Specifics  
What is/are the mating connector p/n(s)?    
LED or LCD Display to be tested? Yes, No, Specifics  
LED's to be tested: Yes, No  
LED Designation: List ref designators  
LED Location:  Component side, Solder Side  
What is measured Light, Color  
Fiber optics to be routed to sensors? Yes, No  
LED Sensors to be used:  FINN's (+type), Optomistic  
Light shielding from adjacent light sources required? Yes, No  
Sound (i.e. beeper, buzzer) to be detected? Yes, No  
Fixture Plate to Pan Interlock Switch Required: Yes, No  
UUT In Place Switch Required:  Yes, No  
UUT Engaged Switch Required:  Yes, No  
Enclosure Cover Switch Required: Yes, No  
Does anything need to be manually actuated (i.e. push buttons/switches)? Yes, No, Details  
Any need to manipulate anything with pneumatics, vacuum, etc.? Yes, No, Details  
Components beyond those designed by Test Head Engineering    
Components to be supplied by customer:  Yes, No, Specifics  
Components to be supplied by Test Head Engineering: Yes, No, Specifics